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Norfolk Community Safety Partnership

Norfolk is one of the safest counties in the country, but is still faced with significant and diverse community safety challenges, ranging from combating the supply of drugs through county lines and growing levels of domestic abuse, to modern slavery and environmental crime.  

The Norfolk Community Safety Partnership (NCSP) brings together organisations from across Norfolk to tackle crime and disorder, to ensure the county remains a safe place for people to live, work and visit. The members of the NCSP represent local councils, policing and fire services, probation, youth offending, health and housing.

In Norfolk, the Community Safety Partnership is hosted and managed by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCCN), supporting and working directly with the Chair of the NCSP, the NCSP team will maximise use of resources, reduce duplication and improve the effectiveness of the work of the Partnership.

Our priorities

Safer Norfolk Plan

This plan sets out how the partnership will respond over the next three years, tackling the biggest areas of concern for our communities by showing leadership, acting collectively, sharing and investing new resources, and adopting new approaches and long-term solutions that will make our county and communities safer for every generation. In doing so, the Plan acknowledges the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the health, economy and society of our county and the potential this has to impact adversely on the safety of our communities and the obligation of the partnership to invest every effort into its delivery.

Safer Norfolk Plan 2021-2024

The OPCCN's role in the NCSP

The OPCCN plays a critical role in the work of the NCSP. The Partnership is managed by the OPCCN and meetings of the NCSP are chaired by the OPCCN’s Chief Executive. OPCCN staff work closely with other members of the Partnership across areas such as crime prevention, safeguarding and vulnerability, and victim support.

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) and Community Safety Partnerships have a duty to take into account each other’s priorities, to ensure there is a joined-up approach to tackling shared priorities. The Police and Crime Plan set by Norfolk’s PCC is a key driver in the work of the Partnership.

Police, Crime and Community Safety Plan 2022-24

Alternative formats of the Police, Crime and Community Safety Plan 2022-24

Shared Statements of Intent

Norfolk Community Safety Partnership logo, Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board logo and Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership

Norfolk Community Safety Partnership logo, Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board logo and Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership

  • Leaders and members of the three boards will maintain a meaningful understanding of the scope, aims and plans of the Norfolk Community Safety Partnership, the Norfolk Safeguarding Adults Board and the Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership.
  • The common aims of all three boards will be clearly identified and roles and responsibilities for achieving these set out.
  • Communication between the three boards will be systematic and purposeful with the aim of enhancing closer working relationships for the benefit of Norfolk.
  • We commit to working together through the Public Protection Forum to create an overarching county wide structure to co-ordinate partnerships, policy, processes and practice that keep people in Norfolk safe.
  • We commit to working together and through the Public Protection Forum to create a common vision and purpose to keep people in Norfolk free from abuse, neglect and harm.
  • Where beneficial and practicable, we commit to sharing resources to achieve common goals.
  • We commit to developing and implementing common frameworks for strategy, policy, intelligence and locality working to make people in Norfolk safer.
  • We commit to develop and deliver joint campaigns.
  • We commit to actively promote a collective culture of strategic curiosity, collaboration and constructive challenge.
  • We commit to utilising the authentic voice of the people we serve and seek to protect in every aspect of our work and share the structures and opportunities to achieving the shared vision.
  • We commit to jointly exploring, supporting and conducting research and engagement to inform and improve our efforts to keep people free from abuse, neglect and harm.