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Police and Crime Panel

Norfolk Police and Crime Panel

Norfolk’s Police and Crime Panel is tasked with holding your Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) to account for the way they perform their duties.

The Panel is a joint committee of the County Council, Borough, City and District Councils.

It consists of ten councillors (at least one from each authority) and two independent members (not councillors) chosen by the Panel.

The Panel holds your PCC to account by scrutinising their actions and decisions.

The Panel reviews the Police and Crime Plan Annual Report and can veto the proposed Council Tax precept levels.

The Panel deals with complaints made about the conduct of your PCC and regularly receives monitoring reports setting out the number and themes of complaints handled. These can be found on our complaints page.

Panel meetings are held bi-monthly with the PCC and Chief Constable at County Hall in Norwich and people are welcome to attend and observe.

Agendas and minutes of the meetings are published on the Norfolk County Council website.

Norfolk County Council website